“Crying out for mediation”

A rehearing has just been ordered in divorce financial remedy proceedings. This is what’s known as a “small money” case; the matrimonial assets are just under £300,000, even though the parties’ collective costs are already £127,538. Ordering the rehearing on capital and periodical payments, the judge also said, “…this is a case that cries out for mediation. I would strongly recommend to both parties that they either arbitrate on their differences, or mediate”.

CAFCASS releases video about applying to the Family Court

If you’ve applied to the Family Court about your children, or if the other parent has made an application, a CAFCASS Family Court Adviser (FCA) will become involved in your case. CAFCASS have released a video explaining how FCAs work, and what you and your children can expect to happen. The video features actual service users and FCAs, rather than actors, and you can watch it free online here